When Quality Dental Care Comes To Your Workplace

Mobile Dental USA provides a full range of dental services outside of a traditional dental office.

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Live Happier & Healthier Lives

Better dental care leads to improved overall health, resulting in healthier and happier employees which promotes a positive work environment and increases productivity.

A Completely Mobile Dental Solution

With our various delivery models, we bring quality and timely dental care to you at your workplace, bridging the distance between you and the dental office.

State-Of-The-Art Equipment

By using the most advanced dental technology and equipment, our doctors, assistants and specialists are able to maintain the highest standards of service when providing dental care.

Employee Benefits

  • Complete dental care without leaving the office
  • Reduced health complications related to poor dental and oral care.
  • Reduced dental emergencies.
  • Look better, feel better, and have more confidence.

Business Benefits

  • Increased productivity in the workplace.
  • No cost to the business.
  • No need for extensive time off to visit the dentist.
  • Healthier and happier employees promote a positive workplace environment