Delivery Models

Mobile Dental Clinic

This model is a 100% self-contained Mobile Dental Clinic fully stocked with state-of-the-art equipment including a wheelchair lift (certified to lift up to 500 pounds). The two-operatory fully equipped clinic will travel to your location, eliminating the need for transport to an outside dental office . . . and it only takes up a space equivalent to a few parking spots! Mobile Practices are a great way to increase admissions by adding marketable value to your community.

 Pop-Up Dental Office

This delivery model helps minimize not only transportation issues, but also difficulties with individual limited mobility. Our doctors and assistants set up state-of-the-art mobile dental equipment in an existing resident’s room or other available space within a community. Pop-ups are ideal for smaller nursing homes or communities that have limited space but still want to give their residents convenient access to high quality dental care.

Fixed-Site Practice

A traditional fixed-site practice can be designed and built by Dentists for Corporations to complement existing facility design. Fixed practice models are ideal for established clients interested in enhancing health centers and facilities onsite.