Delivery Models

Mobile Dental Clinic

This model is a 100% self-contained Mobile Dental Clinic, with two fully equipped operatories and state-of-the-art equipment.  An average off-site dental appointment (including the commute) takes about 3 hours out of an employee’s work day.  Our on-site clinic will travel to your location, and only takes up a space equivalent to a few parking spots.  This significantly reduces your employees’ time away from the office, thus keeping them engaged and highly productive.   Mobile Practices are a great way to integrate easy access to dental care into a corporate campus.

 Pop-Up Dental Office

This delivery model also helps minimize an employee’s extended time away from the office by creating a “pop-up” dental office within your company building.  Our doctors and assistants set up state-of-the-art mobile dental equipment in an existing office, room or other available space that’s convenient and appropriate.  Pop-ups are ideal for smaller businesses that have limited space but still want to give their employees convenient access to high quality dental care.

Fixed-Site Practice

A traditional fixed-site practice can be designed and built by MDUSA to complement existing facility design. Fixed practice models are ideal for established clients interested in enhancing health centers and facilities onsite.